London School of Modelling's reality show Models Misfits and Mayhem is back on ITV2 tonight and every Wednesday at 1.30am

Catch the 5 part reality show that goes behind the scenes at London's busiest modelling school

Its full of fashion, fun and cat fights

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Did you know we featured in a 5 part series for ITV2 called Models Misfits and Mayhem?

You can catch us late on Wednesday nights on ITV2 or click here to watch some footage from the show


Have you seen our TV show on iTV2 which went behind the scenes at the London School of Modelling?

If you haven't yet followed the 15 or so hopefuls every week then go to our You Tube channel or our website to see more:

Click here:

London School of Modelling You Tube

Or click here to see some clips from our ITV2 show

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